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2017 Vokey Design Forged Wedge

Titleist Vokey Forged 2017 Japan Only

It seems like Vokey Wedges are everywhere!  For the last 15 years, Vokey wedges have been a dominant force on tour.  They are probably the most widely used wedges in the world at this point.   Introducing the 2017 Vokey Design Forged Wedge!   Are these Forged Wedges similar to the global model SM6s?  Think again!   This is the 3rd generation Japan model Vokey Design Forged Wedge.   Previous generation models were very popular among JDM fans.    So let’s take a closer look at this all new Vokey Forged Wedge to see what’s different over the previous gen forged models as well as the global SM6 wedges, shall we?   Follow the jump to read more…

Vokey Forged

First off, the SM6 are cast 8620 Carbon Steel and the Vokey Design Forged Wedge, as the name suggests, are Forged Carbon Steel.     As many of you know, forged carbon steel provides that exceptional dense buttery feel at impact which many golf enthusiasts around the world crave shot after shot.     That part is nothing new to us. From the outside,  the shape is very traditional and frankly similar looking to past Vokey wedges other than the slightly added offset with the 2017 Vokey Design Forged Wedge.     This subtle offset should help inspire confidence for those seeking added forgiveness in a wedge.


Vokey Forged

The biggest change that sets this new Vokey Forged apart from other forged wedges in the market today is the internal weighting structure.  Similar to the 716 CB and 716 AP2 irons, these Forged Wedges have Titanium and Tungsten weight elements co-forged which moves the CG to an optimum location to improve shot consistency for each loft setting.   The approach used by the SM6 is different. They strategically altered the thickness of the back face to move the CG up and down.    With the Forged Wedges, the weight was moved internally which allowed them to keep a clean traditional look on the back face.     Other notable features include TX4 grooves with added parallel milling for enhanced spin performance as well as a pre-worn leading edge for a smoother turf interaction.


The new Vokey Forged Wedge really looks good at address.   A familiar teardrop shape with the slightest offset,  which really isn’t much if you actually look at it. Traditional looks will appeal to the most discerning players. Most would find it an easy switch from their current gamers.

Available in Satin Chrome (48 to 60 in 2 deg increments) and Black PVD finishes (50 52, 56, 58 only) , they are also available as Right Hand only.   In the more popular lofts, you can choose from F, M and K grinds for your specific needs.

If you are a Titleist fan, ( and who isn’t? ) and you want to stay with Vokey wedges but want something JDM and high-tech than your next door neighbor’s Vokey wedges, the 2017 Vokey Design Forged Wedge is a sensible choice.   After all it is arguably the most trusted brand name in short game.

You can purchase the new forged vokey in 2 finishes and a variety of different lofts and CG options here – click here



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