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A-Grind A-CB Forged Irons


Introducing the A-GRIND A-CB Forged Irons new for 2017.  A-Grind is a relatively new company we have been promoting at TSG since 2015.  (Click Here) Their designs have quite the following as they perform well thanks to their skilled designer Yusuke Ako who was also the lead designer for Royal Collection from 2004 to 2013 creating all their clubs including woods, irons, wedges, and utilities.  Follow the jump to read on and see more photos…


The heads themselves are not made in Japan unfortunately but they are forged of S20C or 1020.  Portions of the back cavity are cnc milled and in hand I can tell you this cavity is deep yet the top line and sole of these irons is not.  Ako-san did a fantastic job hiding size.


A-Grind has many irons from muscle black to players CB and even under cut cavities.  Some of their line up overlaps with their other offerings.  The new A-CB seems to be in that semi mid-sized category  as it has a slightly thicker top line and more offset than other A-Grind irons.  Still I do consider these on the smaller end of mid sized.


I have one demo iron that I was able to play with.  I tested it with two shafts NS950 Stiff and S200.  These irons are indeed forgiving for the size and feel was soft yet a touch numb.  They are very easy to hit high and straight the iron I would most compare them to are the Miura CB-1008’s both are very similar.  I can say that the Miura’s feel better in the center of the club face but the A-Grinds are more forgiving and feel better on miss hits.  The A-Grinds are also longer as the PW is 2* stronger.   The shape would go to the Miura’s by a small margin as would fit and finish.


The photo above shows a good look at how deep the cavity is while the photo below contrasts how narrow they were able to keep the sole.


If you are interested in the new A-Grind A-CB you can purchase heads only (HERE)  or if you want custom options such as finish or paint or a custom build with specific specs you can inquire via email to us at [email protected]



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