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Today we have the A-GRIND V2 Wedge the second wedge from A-GRIND to be released which happens to look very similar to the original.   How is it different? The new V2 Wedge is made of Sanyo Steel from Japan which is a special S25C that has a carbon content of only 0.24% the purpose of this is to improve the feel at impact.  We have not experienced anything noticeable where a player would say wow what type of metal is this?  but we do think this wedge feels awesome at impact.   The grind remains unchanged from it’s predecessor  a tried and true sole grind that works with low bounce and minimal camber with a slight leading edge relief to help you open it up the face.  Ready for more photos and info?  Follow the jump….


The face shape has improved significantly.  It wasn’t bad before it’s just much nicer now.  How the new V2 is different is also that both the grooves and faces were milled.  CNC milled faces are flatter with better spin and manufactured more precisely than traditional stamped grooves.


A-GRIND is producing many lofts from 48 to 60 all with low bounce between 8 and 10*.  The heads come in just a touch heavy with very minimal offset.  Face progression measurements are 4.5 in the 48* and 6.0 in the 60*  Two finishes are available raw with no plating whatsoever along with a nickel chrome finish.   This is one of the better handmade wedges we offer at TSG.  The two major upgrades are the milled face/grooves and the sanyo steel.  A-Grind also produced it’s own original mold to achieve this shape.


The A-Grind V2 is now shipping head only or custom built at TourSpecGolf.  We can also apply a special finish such as black boron,  copper satin or mirror,  and a variety of other top notch platings.  Custom stamping is available but will add 3 weeks to the order time.  You can purchase the new A-Grind V2 by ( Clicking Here ).  Thank you for reading!



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A-Grind A-CB Forged Irons
Overiview: Ryoma Maxima Type-G