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A-GRIND’s New Type-D Driver


A-Grinds longest and most forgiving driver has just been released.  It’s called the Type-D 460.  Stock out of the box it comes with open face angles.  1* on the 10.5 and 0.5* on the 9.5 loft.  This driver features a 6-4Ti forged face with a 6-4Ti cast body.   The concept is simple but proven,  variable wall thickness and a thinner crown to drop the center of gravity lower.  What is not proven ( in my opinion ) that is part of the design is that channel on the sole near the face,  many brands claim increased ball speeds from this and while it is true it’s minimal and so small that it’s no guarantee to improve distance.  Ready for more pics?  Follow the Jump…


for a 460cc driver this thing looks phenomenal,  it’s a big forgiving and high launching players driver.  it never appears closed face,  the crown is matte black and the shape has as much pear as you can fit in a 460.


The face is not shallow nor deep,  Ako-san of A-Grind stretched it’s dimensions to expand the impact space on both the heel and toe.   Golfers that miss high, low, heel or toe should have some good forgiveness.


If interested please email [email protected] for a custom build or head only purchase.  The price is only $495 for the head including head cover.  Thanks for reading!


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