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CGS Orion ProSpec Wedges


For those who have never heard of CGS Orion Japan they make quality irons and wedges in Japan.  If you want to read a bit more about the brand and look at the products they offer you can do so by (Clicking Here)

The first thing that caught my eye about the new SYP-1 ProSpec is its shape,  the neck transition is narrow and low,  the head is compact and the shape is outstanding.  Yes these are for the better player but that doesn’t mean mid-high handicappers should not consider them.  Its all about your eye,  your preferences and what performs best for the individual.  And to see that beautiful neck transition Im talking about you will have to follow the jump to read more…


Ok so one interesting tid bit is CGS Orion is claiming this is made of S16C.  I don’t know where to go with this as its not a material sold by any foundry we know of in Japan.  So lets figure it plays like S15C which is pretty soft.  Add to that a copper under-layer + satin finish its designed to be very soft.  These wedges are totally made in Japan.  The forging, mold, and plating all done in Hyogo while the polishing is done in Niigata.


It has no offset and the right amount of goose for the good player.  This was done to create the lowest groove and leading edge better alignment for the player.   Looking face on the heel section is straightened from the top blade and more narrow.


There are many lofts to choose from 48/50/52/54/56H/56L/58H/58L – If interested TSG can also custom order you blast art on any CGS orion head or even a custom finish through TSG Club Works.  Just keep in mind if you change the finish you loose the beautiful polishing done by CGS Orion.    Hope you enjoyed the read and if your in need of a quality,  handmade and forged in Japan wedge that is compact with a beautiful shape and neck transition.   I strongly suggest you consider these.





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