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Gravity Golf – Part 1: The Company


Gravity Golf was originally part of a celebrity management agency.  The division’s main business was to manage Pro Golfers and celebrity golf coaches.    Maintaining a steady revenue stream from those professionals depended on how they performed on tours.   In pursuit of a more consistent business,  they made the decision to enter the golf equipment market.   Click read more to continue…


Gravity Golf founder, Harada-san is a veteran of a large manufacturing corporation. Working in product R&D as well as product marketing, he is an expert at producing products that appealed his target audience.    The product that Harada-san selected to pursue was golf equipment.    The golf club market is already flooded with new products each year.  To succeed in this competitive market,  he needed a very unique design concept unlike anything else. Harada-san at the time was personally fighting the effects of aging in his golf game; mainly in terms of losing distance each year.  A very common issue that many mature players want to overcome.  Gravity Golf decides to pursue equipment that would allow golfers to realize their dreams of driving longer than they ever have!!

Around the same time, Harada-san discovers a driver shaft from a very small company that generated explosive trajectory.   This is when he reassured himself that “The shaft is what determines the distance performance of a club! ”      There were already tons of so-called “distance shafts” out in the market.    To differentiate his product from existing distance shafts, they wanted to develop an ultra light weight shaft that was extremely easy to swing.

Harada-san believes a well thought out weight distribution was essential to his unique shaft design.   He had remembered Taylormade’s Bubble shaft which had a heavier weight at the mid section and while it succeeded in creating a steel like bend characteristic,  the weight around the butt section was too light and resulted in inconsistent swings for most people.  This gave him some ideas around weight distribution in a shaft and how it affects performance.

The design that Harada-san developed was an ultra light weight shaft with the weight distributed on the tip section as well as butt section.  They named this  “Pendulum Balance” design.     It was the first of its kind, aimed at players to gain extreme yardage like no other on the market.     Here the “Waccine” shaft was born.    (“Waccine”  is taken from the English word  “vaccine.” )

Harada-san believes that their primary mission as a shaft manufacturer is to provide longer and explosive distance to players; a shaft that lets players out drive their fellow players is ultimately what will capture the loyalty of their customers.     Have distance woes?   “Waccine” is the cure!!

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