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Gravity Golf – Part 2: Waccine Shafts for 2017

Waccine All

For 2017, Gravity Golf has released 3 exciting new models in their Waccine line up with various focus areas and also a limited edition model!!

Gravity Golf provides specialty shafts focused on gaining distance on your drives.

We are hoping that the product summaries here will help you decide which shaft will best match your swing style.  Click read more to continue…



The GR450 is a highly versatile shaft within their 2017 line up that should fit a wide range of users with focus on increased distance.

The targeted swing speed ranges from 38 m/s (85 mph)  to about 45 m/s (100 mph) .  Weight is 46g for the R2 flex to 57g in the X flex

It has a mid kick point with a stiffer tip section as well as butt section.

80% of players who normally use 55g or heavier shafts observed an average increase in distance of 8 yards

This shaft is intended for the hitter type golfers with a strong follow thru whose swing tempo is very quick but seeking more roll and directional consistency.

Recommended club length is 45.5 to 46 inch



Finally a high end light weight distance shaft targeted for the ladies!!

The GR230 is specifically designed for lady golfers with a swing speed around 30 to 35 m/s (67 to 78 mph)

This model is offered in one flex and weighs 37g.    The shaft has a low-mid kick point to promote higher launch.

70% of players who use drivers of 45.5 inch or less observed an average increase in distance of 10 yards

This shaft is targeted for the swinger type players with a slower swing tempo seeking increased distance and additional roll.  The shaft will also help with reduce slices.

Recommended club length is 44 to 45 inches



The Limited Edition GR330tb is designed for the experienced mature golfers with a smooth swing who are feeling some loss of distance.

80% of Senior golfers observed an average increase of 5 yards.

It comes in 3 flexes R, SR and S and the weight ranges from 39 to 44.5g

It has a pronounced mid kick point with stiffer tip and butt sections.

This shaft is targeted towards the swinger type players with a slower swing tempo who is seeking to regain distance lost over the years, as well as add roll to their drives.

It is also designed to reduce slices.  Recommended club length 45.5 to 46.5 yards



The GR560 is a standard weight shaft targeted for the athlete type golfers with focus in increasing overall distance by adding massive roll to their drives!

81% of players who use shorter length drivers saw significant increases in overall driving distance.

This shaft is targeted for the hitter type players who seeks to improve directional consistency, who misses to the right with slices and prefers shorter club length.

The shaft design promotes draws with mid to low launch and low spin.   Mid kick point but has a firmer mid section compared to the lighter models.

Swing speed recommendation ranges from 32 m/s (70 mph) with the R2 flex all the way to 54 m/s (120 mph)  with the X flex.  Weight ranges from 60 to 68g

Recommended club length is 44 to 46.5 yards

Regardless of which shaft match your needs,  you are  likely to see distance gains in your drives.


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