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Honma TW-W Forged New 2017 Spec

Honma TW-W Forged Wedges3

The new for 2017 Honma TW-W Forged Wedges have been released made to blend perfectly with the Tour World 737 series irons from blade to the undercut 737 “P” model.   So whats different from the previous model?  Honma has adjusted the face profile,  offset, and grinds with the help of their Pro player Hideto Tanihara.  Follow the Jump for more photos and explanation…


This is what I call a real trail edge grind.  Most brands just toy around with a smaller killed trailing edge that looks the part but barely helps the player open the face enough.  Honma has gone back to what the pro demand which is larger more defined grind adjustments that are purely focused on creating the result.

Honma TW-W Forged Wedges1

The standard finish is called half mirror but TSG can also order in full satin or black mirror.    This years model has a more triangular toe shape and lower neck profile. By reducing the gooseneck or FP from 2.0 mm to 1.5 mm, Honma has designed a wedge that looks and feels straighter at address.


The entire face is cnc milled to ensure a completely flat surface.  The entire surface of the TW-W wedge face features a blast finish, which helps golfers to visualize that more of the face can be used in order to maximize their technique and performance. This blast finish also greatly reduces glare reflecting off the club face, allowing golfers to focus on their shot making when it matters most.


Honma also offers a new IB-W carbon wedge shaft that is heavier and has a very stiff tip so you can go after it,  Vizard carbon plays stiff to flex and if you choose the wrong flex it may be a bit boardy but when you nail the flex and weight its a very tight dispersion with a strong kick.  Honma offers IB-W carbon shafts as well as your choice of most steel shafts.

The new 2017 Honma TW-W Wedge is available in the TSG ProShop by ( Clicking Here ) .  Lofts offered are 48/9 – 50/9 – 52/9 – 56/8 – 56/12 – 58/8 – 58/12 – 60/8

Honma TW-W Forged Wedges2

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