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Honma TW737V Irons


Honma golf unveiled their new Tour World 737 series with a total of 4 iron models from blade to undercut cavity.  We have already shown you the TW-BM as well as the 737P and today we will preview the 737V which sits in the middle of their 4 iron models.  Follow the Jump for an explanation of all 5 models…


It can be pretty confusing especially when 4 of these irons have very similar aesthetics.   To simplify things I have a quick summary below to help:

TW-BM – Muscle Back
TW-737VN – Compact CB
TW-737V – Semi Compact CB (todays blog post)
TW-737VS – Mid Size Players CB
TW-737P – Mid Size Cavity Back w/Undercut

So as you can see there are plenty of options that can be had for the pro to the mid handicap player.  If your a high handicap,  senior, or high handicap lady I would suggest looking at BeZeal or Beres in the Honma line up.



Above photo shows a sole that isn’t too wide or narrow.


Using a proprietary blend of S25C  that is specially formed enhances the strength of the upper center area of the club face where the grain flow is dense. This forging method improves the distance and forgiveness of off center strikes.


Above photo gives you a good idea of the toe shape,  its a boxy tear drop shape in my opinion.


A lot of people don’t take into consideration the different specs,  performance characteristics and design of combo sets.  I never suggest taking two different sets and slapping them together.  Honma has purposely designed these irons so that they can blend flawlessly with the VN or VS.   The sweet spots are in the same location and height on the face,  lie and face progression flows properly but we do recommend you request loft adjustments so the two or three sets in the combo match.


Above a nice thin top line with a beautiful and straight forward neck transition.  The V is shown above the VN has a slightly thinner topline while the VS a touch thicker.


The set in these photos is not standard,  they feature the optional black nickel finish which looks like a dark chrome mirror finish.  Its stunning and made at Sakata Factory Japan of a very high quality.  If you need carbon you are restricted to Honmas Vizard shafts which are very good but we must warn they play stiff to flex.  Steel shaft options are many.    TSG has these in the Pro Shop now for sale by (Clicking Here)




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AK-Putters refinish by TSG Club Works
Honma TW-W Forged New 2017 Spec

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