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Honma’s new low handicap driver – TW737 445!


The Tour World Honma 445 Driver – There are 4 drivers in the new 737 driver line up the 445, 450 455 and 460 from smallest to largest.  The most obvious differences are that each head has different cg locations,  individual head designs and face structures.  Today we are talking about their low handicap pro level driver the 445.

The new TW737 445 is designed to for reduced spin,  workability and to avoid the left side allowing the hard hitter to go after it.  The cg is high and the face not as deep as most tour clubs which allowed them to add extra forgiveness but expanding it’s outer diameter.  Lots of photos and information after the jump…


The materials and technology Honma has utilized is important.  Starting with a cast 811-Ti body,  this in my opinion is one of the best materials to make a thin and durable light weight body.  The face is made of 6-4 Ti (forged).  The 737 445’s cg suits the inside out swing often used by pro’s,  the clubs entire design is to serve the tour pro with the optimum launch angle and spin rates.


Notice the weight is further toward the face in the 445 that’s an 8 gram weight inserted that was redistributed from it’s thin walled crown with a thickness of 0.6mm – 0.55mm,  the weight is removed from the heel side to further help the player who has a problem with the left side.


Honma created what they call a Grain-Glow Forged Cup Face,  yes Mizuno also uses this term.   Conventional grain flow forged manufacturing is horizontal,  by using a new shape original billet Honma has created a vertical + horizontal flow which improves fast ball release which they consider to be this drivers top feature it minimizes the golfers tendency to hook. By aligning the grain flow vertical it makes the face more dense and rigid so they can also make it hotter and thinner.


Honma makes great shafts,  they have had 6-Axis,  8-Axis before others and metal fibers in the tips of their carbon iron shafts,  they use both Torayca’s T1100G and nanoalloy tech.  Do not consider these on the same level as most standard shafts.   There are 3 moels EX-A, EX-C, and EX-Z.  The Z is the tip stiff butt soft model,  the A is the softer tip stiffer butt model, and the C sits in the middle.

Thanks for reading oh and one more thing,  this head has the custom matte finish option added which looks a bit more stealth.  You can contact [email protected] to purchase this exact club used in the photos or click here to spec one out for yourself – click here.


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