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JBEAM Galpha Driver!


The all new JBEAM 445 GALPHA  – The forgiving players driver.  The user feedback has been outstanding.  The Galpha was released a couple of months back and has now had time to make its rounds.   The Galpha is a 445cc driver with a fade bias by design.  By adding a heavier weight to the heel you can bring the bias back to neutral and by using a lighter toe weight and closed face angle slightly promote a draw.  Follow the jump to view more angles…

That big bold and beautiful JBEAM face we all love so much made with a secret face titanium and head designed to produce a low spin / mid trajectory ball flight.  The laser engraved face milling is supposed to stabilize spin a little as well as improve wet weather play.  Its got a seriously deep face just the way Jbeam fans love their drivers.


I now own the ZY-11 and JBeam Galpha as 2 of my main 3 gamers.  It started off as the ZY-11 vs ZY-7 and I simply favored the foamed muted feel of the 11 and its strange extra tall face.  The ZY-7 actually favors a draw more than the ZY-11 does.  This Galpha sits between the 435 and the 535 which in my opinion would be the sweet spot.  I love the 435 blackout.]

Comparing the ZY-11 to the Galpha you can tell they are bothers but the experience is totally different playing a round with the two. Both are low spin just the way I need it.  the Galpha launches slightly higher than the ZY11 yet the 11 is straighter more consistently.   What the Galpha has that the ZY-11 doesn’t is those freaky long drives reminiscent of the 435 when hit in the center.


As always with Tourspecgolf & Jbeam you have custom options galore.  9.5 – 12* lofts and everything in between is available and thats not only for lofts but also face angle and to some extent even lie angle.  These are traditional hosels as purists always love but Jbeam hand picks heads efficently to TSGs requests as well as offers hosel reeming where they drill the hosel at an angle so the shaft and ferrule sits a little off but gives you the couple of degrees extra on top of the hand picked head.  So you can have 3* open or close with a more or less upright lie angle.  Shaved to exact COR, Foaming and custom head weights are also options along with the choice of black or white head paint colors.


The head spec of the club in these photos is 10* 200g square face and none of it is designated on the head.  These retail at $650 and we are able to help you choose a shaft to suit your needs.  I personally use 7D, basileus AAA, and Waccine in the heads I have with fantastic results.

JBeam heads have a reputation for spin reduction,  distance, and being pretty easy to it.  This club while designed for the better player can easily be confused as not based on how easy it is to hit.   Its 445cc size can also be easily mistaken as 460cc.

The Galpha heads only or custom shafted are now shipping via the TSG Proshop (Click Here) and the second way to buy is if you want a custom build or shaft recommendations please email [email protected]


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