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Modified – Miura CB-2008 in Black IP by TSG Club Works!


Yesterday we showed you a set of Miura CB-2008’s with black mirror finish and charcoal gray cavity paint.   Today we bring you Japan black IP with black gloss cavity paint!  Which do you prefer?  or will you wait to see what we bring tomorrow before deciding 😉 .  Japan black IP is a very durable and high quality finish that looks outstanding.  Its the best black you can get when done right,  and these are.  Follow the Jump for more pics…


In Japan Black IP the shape looks improved from all angles.


It looks like it has less offset in black.


Its really the black IP finish that is making these look so flawless.


This CB-2008 has a nice wide sole with killed leading edge.  This sole can work for low to high handicap players.


This 1 of 1 set will be listed in the TSG proshop shortly,  thanks for reading!

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