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Rare Mizuno Black IP MP-15 Ti Muscle Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons9

Something special for everyone today,  the Mizuno Japan only MP-15 forged irons.  In the states Mizuno went with the MP-25 and I have no idea why as these MP-15’s pack more tech and have a better shape.   The head size is roughly the same as the MP-59 irons but they made the cavity deeper lowering the cg depth and added weight that expands across a large portion of the head heel to toe.  We have a ton of great pics to show you after the jump…

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons4

Comparing the MP-59 to the MP-15 both have the exact same offset.  head length is the same,  sole width less than a mm thicker on the 15,  top line thickness identical cg depth is just a tad lower in the 15 yet the biggest difference is the moment of inertia has increased in favor of the MP-15 making for straighter more forgiving shots.

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons5

The sweet spot is wider,  the shape improved and the sole grind is what they call “luke sole” supervised by Luke Donald to be a more rounded shape for the descending blue.  The feedback in Japan and by TSG’s customers across the board is that the MP-15 is better feeling.  Thats it in a nutshell,  TSG has only 1 set of these and you will not be able to find these anywhere else.  Keep your eye peeled and on the TSG proshop as we will be adding them within a day or two.

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons10


Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons2

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons1

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons8

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Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons11

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons6

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