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The New Miura CB-2008 Modified


You are looking at a very custom set of the new Miura CB-2008 irons.  How is this one different than the standard model?  Its all cosmetics we took the heads and stripped the finish off of them and then sent it to our Japanese factory that does our black mirror finish.  Black Mirror is very similar to chrome mirror, but it has a deep dark hue to it.  Ready for more? Follow the jump for more details…


Refinishing a 2-piece club head is not easy especially when it has an undercut, the finish can’t adhere to all areas of the inner cavity, so our next step was to send this to a golf specific paint factory that specializes in painting OEM wood heads and iron cavities. One issue we ran into was that we found pitted steel in particular areas of the club head which we had to use a tiny grinder and polish off before sending it back to the painting factory.

The photo above shows the top line, its beautiful and thin and the face has a near perfect heel to toe length. The one issue I have with these is the amount of offset. In some finishes its hard to see in others more evident.


We took things a step further and decided to paint beyond the outside of the inner cavity as it had the perfect lines to do so.   The photo above shows this well.   This gives it a unique look which is nothing like the stock set sold.


A photo of the sole shoes a nice curved leading edge but due to the two piece construction the number on the sole is slightly pushed to the left.  The solution to this was a simple one,  engrave the number instead of press.  Unfortunately, that process costs more.


The paint color in the cavity is called charcoal gray.  We have more sets we will be posting in coming weeks with different head finishes and interior cavity paint colors.


The CB-2008’s shape face on is nice.  The 2008 is very easy to hit with a pretty good soft feel which is uncharacteristic of most two piece heads.  Distance is what is expected based on a 45* PW.  Miura went with a stainless body and forged face which leads me to believe feel was of the utmost important.  If distance was their goal, they could have gone with a forged body and stainless face similar to other two-piece distance irons.


We will only be producing 1 set 5-PW exactly like this.  It will be in the TSG pro shop in just 1-3 days from now with a quantity of 1 set.  We are not sure how long they will last, but in total it took us two months to complete the process you see here.   These heads traveled to many different factories and had specialty work done that no one else offers.


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Modified – Miura CB-2008 in Black IP by TSG Club Works!
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