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Introducing the New SEVEN CB!  Made with an entirely new design using new materials and manufactured 100% in Japan. We suggest you have a closer look zoom in so you can see the quality is unlike any other. By using Japanese 5 Axis milling machines with specialized software we were able to create the highest quality cavity back the golf world has ever seen.  SEVEN is also boasting the highest manufacturing cost per head with their intention to cut out middle man keeping the retail price as low as possible thus giving the consumer the best product they can buy.


Completely 360NC milled from a solid block of forged steel where as other high end clubs only CNC the back cavity of the head and not the shape the new SEVEN CB is 100% milled from hosel to toe.  We want you to compare these to see for yourself that no other brands equal the precision and quality that the new SEVEN CB entails.


SEVEN is also utilizing 3D-CG programming to ensure the center of gravity locations are at the optimal positioning for the best performance possible.  Many big OEMs use CAD to assist in CG placement but because this is a fully CNC made head we are able to better maximize ball speeds,  launch, and forgiveness.

Two versions exist the original which features milling marks everywhere on the body (see below) as well as a hand polished version that lightly removes milling marks except in the cavity and on the face (see above).  No grinding is done whatsoever to dictate the shape of this club.  


The shape is flawless and perfectly consistent with no deviation between sets.  The tolerance is the tightest of any 1 piece head made thanks to the quality of the CNC programming and machinery. SEVEN has also taken this club above and beyond by incorporating whats called  Pure Tempered Technology.  PTT  makes the club firmer in certain areas for  improved spin performance and feel this proprietary tempering process is started at 850 degrees for 4 hours then cools down to 500 degrees in a specialized vacuum atmosphere.


The above is what we feel is the perfect view from address.  The offset/face progression numbers are exactly what golfers want:  4.5/5.0/5.5  very few clubs have this little offset and this would be equal or even less offset than even the smallest blades.  The top line is thin but in perfect proportion to the body and shape,  we have also implemented a clear top blade style which is why you dont see bead blast on the top line.


The grooves are milled not pressed,  the entire face has the tightest milling while the neck transition also has a light mill to show off how well this head is made.    The toe extends past the top line not boxed or tear drop but in between for the perfect profile from all angles.  Simply put your looking at the best cavity back money can buy.


SEVEN has also produced a set matching gap wedge (see below) This is important as many golfers have a slight distance gap between the PW and a traditional blade AW.  This is a big deal and we highly suggest adding it to your order.  SEVEN has produced the base set as 5-PW with optional #4 and AW.


Below the specs, notice the lofts are pretty traditional unlike most irons on the market today the F.P (offset) is extremely little and the head weights ideal to produce the recommended swing weight for most players.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 3.24.46 PM

The New SEVEN CB retails at $350 per head and while this is still considered very expensive each head cost more than $200 to make and that isn’t including cad, heat treatment and design fee’s. Simply put these are highest quality irons money can buy for now.   The New SEVEN CB is now in the TSG ProShop (click here)

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