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TSG Club Works Modified Epon P3 Irons back in stock!


When we (TSG Club Works ) take on a custom job for our customers we are especially excited when the clubs are unique, cool and even a challenge.  1 piece club forged club head designs are pretty easy to work with when it comes to refinishing, and they require no cavity paint but 2 piece designs bring its own set of difficulties which require extra time, communication and money.   Today there are many people who offer golf club modifications yet few who understand quality.  Want a beautiful super high quality finish?  Ship it to Japan and allow our golf specific plating factories do what they do best.   Follow the Jump for more…


A few things first this set is now listed in the TSG Proshop we have only 1 in stock exactly as this so go at it! (Click Here) Next is we are not producing these on demand the work involved requires multiple sets at a time so all must be arranged well ahead of schedule.  What is special about what we do are 3 basic things:

1.  Design/Organize
2.  Refinish using Japans best plating factories and spare no expense
3.  We use the best cavity painter and theme

When each one is done properly and with class the end result is an obvious quality.  Two types of customers love our services the one who wants a new set of clubs done a particular way and the other who has a set of special clubs they love.  Finishes usually run 65 per head and that includes quality paint fill work.  Some finishes are 75 and if its a 2 piece head there is a small up charge.  cavity paint is 50 bucks a head..  pretty steep on that but its a lot of tedious work and 2 trips to travel.   Yes we do some custom grinds but find the loss of head weight means the grinds must be extremely subtle while expensive so maybe its not worth it.


The Epon P3s are great irons,  forgiving and sized between compact and mid. Its offset is minimal while it has a noticeable taper in its neck which is a good if you want balanced forgiveness without much gooseneck.   This set was brand new before putting it under the knife and will sell at 2500 on the 7pcs of heads only.  They are in the USA now but all the work mentioned done in Japan.  In the box and ready to ship.  The limited Epon P3’s by TSG Club Works.


Product Details : 4-PW Heads Only Chrome Mirror Finish and Fine Matte Gray Paint.





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